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Vinyl Lettering for Your Vehicle: Is it Worth It?

vinyl1You’ve probably seen some very sharp and attractive lettering on vehicles in the recent past. Businesses use them. Corporations use them. Government agencies use them. They’re a great way to make your official vehicle look more “official,” and to convey a sense of professionalism. It’s also a fantastic way to raise awareness of your brand.

Chances are, most of the designs you see on vehicles (apart from those that cover large areas of the vehicle, or the entire vehicle) is vinyl lettering. This is an enormously popular option for corporate fleets and small businesses because it enables any vehicle to be “branded” in whatever way you wish.

But is it really as simple as that? Should you run off to the nearest vinyl lettering and graphics specialist? What about those DIY kits you can order online? Should you install vinyl lettering yourself? Are the results really going to be valuable to you and your organization?

The quick answer is yes—in most cases, vinyl lettering for vehicles provides great results. Most business owners are happy with their choice. However, there are a few variables to keep in mind.

DIY versus professional lettering

There are a whole lot of DIY shops out there, and it seems incredibly easy. You upload your graphic artwork, enter your credit card information, and custom vinyl decals are sent directly to your home or business, complete with instructions on how to apply them to your vehicle. The convenience factor is high, but what about the quality? With a system like this, it’s virtually impossible to tell how your vinyl lettering is going to come out until you receive it in the mail and apply it to your vehicle. And if you don’t like the results, getting a replacement or refund could be a headache.

Working with a qualified graphic printing company who specializes in vinyl lettering will eliminate these question marks. Satisfaction guarantees are common amongst such companies, and the lettering can be re-done immediately if you aren’t happy with the result. Plus, the process from design to finished product is often much faster in the long run, as there are no shipping requirements.

Quality of materials and experience of workers

Working with a printing company to complete your vinyl lettering project shouldn’t be a stressful experience—provided you know what questions to ask. Do you use the highest quality printing machines, inks, and vinyl materials to create your decals? Do you offer written guarantees to back up the quality and lifespan of their work? Are your employees experienced and highly trained? Any reputable vinyl lettering specialist should be able to answer these questions and more.

What can vinyl lettering do for your business?

Vinyl lettering will continue to be a popular way to bump up your professional appearance and advertise to everyone who sees you on the road. But as it becomes more popular, you’ll see a greater number of low quality DIY options and poorly trained professional vying for your business. Knowing how to find a truly qualified specialist is the first and most important step toward a successful lettering job that leaves you totally satisfied.

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