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Vehicle, Car, & Truck Vinyl Lettering Services in New Jersey

Car & Truck Lettering is GREAT for marketing in NJ

American businesses spend big money on e-mail and internet marketing in order to reach potential customers—but what about reaching the thousands of pedestrians you pass every day, or the countless other drivers and passengers on the road?

Professional vehicle wraps can make an ordinary business vehicle into a vibrant, mobile advertisement. They allow you to strengthen your branding every time you get behind the wheel.

When a vehicle wrap comes from Coby Graphics, your business is clearly and professionally advertised wherever you go.

Urban environments are obviously a great place for this kind of branding—but rural environments offer benefits too. A vehicle with a clear, clean wrap will be even more distinct in areas with lower traffic.

Here are a few more reasons to consider a vehicle wrap by Coby Graphics:

  • We’re highly skilled and experienced, with a proven track record of beautiful, durable wraps
  • You don’t need a special permit to have a wrap applied to your vehicle
  • We use only the best materials, technology and staff to wrap your vehicle
  • Our vehicle wraps can look bright and new for anywhere from 2 to 7+ years, depending on conditions and vehicle maintenance
  • Changed your business? Selling your vehicle? Vehicle wraps can be professionally removed without leaving any trace or damaging the vehicle itself.

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How does Coby Graphics wrap vehicles?

First, we inspect the dimensions of your vehicle and the condition of it’s paint. Your designs are then perfected and printed out on special vinyl sheets, which are applied to the vehicle with a clear laminate. We specialize in wraps that have no bubbles and look exactly like a painted surface.

How long does it take?

This of course depends on the size and shape of the vehicle being wrapped, as well as the difficulty of the design. Some designs (such as simple corporate logos and lettering) are very straightforward, and installation only takes a a couple of hours. Other designs cover the entire vehicle and are more elaborate. These can take several days.

How much does it cost?

People are often surprised at how affordable vehicle wraps are, especially given how long they last, and the many benefits they offer. We’re happy to give you a solid, dependable estimate at no obligation to you.

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Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

We are leaders in providing digital auto wraps and graphics for New Jersey Businesses. We provide custom truck lettering, auto wraps and digitally printed graphics, signs and banners for our clients.

Our creative team designs vehicle graphics, auto wraps and advertising design to get your business and products noticed. For over 25 years, we’ve been providing signs, truck lettering, auto wraps, fleet graphics and logo design solutions to hundreds of businesses. Let us help yours!

Vehicle Lettering

Whether you want to add a little spice to your daily driver or you need to advertise on the side of your work vehicle, vinyl car lettering from Coby Graphics offers you a plethora of options.

Our vinyl lettering for cars looks great on vehicles of all types, commercial or recreational, compact or over-sized. We’d love to help you with using vinyl letters to personalize:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • RVs
  • Commercial Vans and Vehicles

Our vehicle lettering uses a durable vinyl material that provides you with both superior adhesion and tough performance for years of attractive appearance. This custom vinyl lettering for cars and trucks is a permanent solution for adding logos, company names, phone numbers, and more to promote your business no matter where you roam. And, of course, our vehicle letters are also perfect for adding that stylish touch to your customized ride.

When you choose Coby Graphics for your custom vinyl letters, we’ll start by collaborating with you on the design. Whether you’d like your business card reproduced in giant letters on the side of your work van or you’re not quite sure what look you want, our professional graphic designers can sit down with you to identify your priorities and generate a design that’s just right for your needs. Then, all you have to do is bring your car or truck to us and let our experts do the rest. The Coby Graphics team will print, cut, and apply your vinyl vehicle letters smoothly for a fabulous look that lasts for years to come. These permanent vinyl letters for vehicles will make certain your car or truck will stand out from the crowd and represent your business well!

At Coby Graphics, we know how important visual representation is in presenting a company’s image, which should convey that the company is put together and well maintained.

Vehicle lettering is a great way to passively cause people to recognize your business before they even need your services, which is why it is extremely important to have vehicle lettering which will not only last but will stay beautiful for years to come.

Cracked or peeling vehicle lettering is never a good look for your business, it may even suggest to potential customers that a company may no longer exist or does not care about its image. At Coby Graphics, we use high quality, durable vinyl for our vehicle lettering, which ensures that your custom vinyl letters will stay on for years, whether it is on a car, trailer, truck, RV, boat, or commercial vehicle.

In addition to permanent vehicle lettering, we have magnetic signs and decals available for temporary vehicle lettering and signage as well.

Below are some examples of our professional custom truck lettering jobs, once you see the quality of our work, we are sure that you will contact us to enhance the image of your business as well: