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5 Reasons You Need To Use Promotional Items for your business

screenprinting1Promotional marketing is one of the most valuable investment decisions you can make when running a business. Promotional marketing is the use of special offers or items to raise a consumer interest and influence a purchase or to make your product or company stand out among your competitors. The purpose of promotional marketing is to increase appeal. It has the advantage of being valuable to both existing and future customers and offers new customers a reason to try the product while building loyalty in existing customers.

There are many ways to perform promotional marketing, like special deals or offers or discount sales, but one of the best ways to build your brand, is through production and distribution of promotional marketing items. This can include anything from stickers and magnets, to bags, sunglasses, hats and umbrellas.

There really isn’t a limitation to how far you can go to market your business; and to explain why, here are 5 reasons you should use promotional items.

It is part of your basic marketing plan

Every business should have some form of marketing plan, and if you don’t maybe you need to talk to someone about that. Without marketing, your business will be destined for failure. A simple marketing plan is better than no marketing plan, and a marketing plan ensures that your marketing objectives are aligned with your business goals and strategy. It will formalize your ideas, keeps you focused and essentially it will bring customers to you. No matter what your strategy is for marketing, the sole reason for it is to increase brand awareness, and make sales.

It is Subconscious Selling

Researchers have said that over 90% of all consumer behavior is driven by their unconscious minds. Neuro-imaging research technologies have also shown that the unconscious mind of the consumer is the driving force in how and why consumers buy.

You can target the subconscious mind of consumers in a marketing campaign. Nike is the perfect example of this, as their slogan “Just Do It.” gives you positive suggestions of achievement, power, optimism, and joy. It’s relatively easy to get inside people’s heads with your promotional marketing, you just need to plant an image or a slogan, and they will come to you.

It directs business to you

Promotional items that have your website, contact details or showroom details boldly placed on it, are more likely to get new business because of the “ease of access” factor. If your potential customers can look at their fridge for example, and see a magnet with your details on it, day after day, then subconsciously you are in their heads already.

It creates sales

Obviously if you get customers drawn to you from your promotional marketing items, you are guaranteed sales. Having a memorable campaign, or exciting items they can use or wear will increase those chances.

It is cheap and effective

There’s no doubt that promotional marketing items are very good value for money. Magnets, which tend to share your business name for many years can cost less than 20 cents to buy, and for something that lasts so long, that’s definite value for money.

If you found this information useful in business!