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Top 5 Promotional Items For Your Business in 2017

Every time you step outside of your house you are bombarded with marketing in many different forms. Billboards, shop sales, flags, it’s everywhere you look. In fact, in this day and age it’s no longer limited to outside your home, it’s on our computer, it is the telemarketer who phoned you last night. But while the benefits of marketing in general are well known, there are both good and bad ways to market.

Have a look at our list of the top 5 promotional business items for 2017.

Custom Embroidery

With many different uses, custom embroidery is best put to use on clothing. This can be clothing for your employees, to help create a sense of brand identity, or it can be on promotional material. Caps and T-shirts both make great products to give away. The great thing about this, is for a relatively low once-off investment, other people will do your advertising for you. By walking around wearing clothing with your branding, they are exposing you to lots of new people.

Custom Signs

Getting custom signage made has become a lot more affordable in recent years. With modern manufacturing equipment, it’s easy to have signs printed for specific events, even if just a few of each sign is actually printed. There’s no longer a need to invest in a hundred or a thousand prints. If you have an event planned, or simply want to put up signs pointing people to your shop, custom signs can do the job for you.

Vinyl Lettering

If a full-on sign is too much for you, vinyl lettering can save the day. Vinyl lettering is found all over these days especially on windows, and identification on cars and trucks. Once off prints are cheap and very easy to apply to any flat surface. If you want phone numbers, office hours or more elaborate designs displayed in your shop, this is the way to do it. Vinyl lettering is also very easy to remove without damaging the surface it is applied to, meaning it can be used for seasonal promotions as well.

Vehicle Wraps

Similar in material to vinyl lettering, a vehicle wrap is generally a design that covers the entire car or truck. Instead of needing to give a car a new paint job, a thin vinyl cover is placed over entire panels. Your car is outside all day, whether parked at work or driving around, you might as well have it advertise for you. Your design can be completely unique, and wraps are easily applied and removed.

Custom Stickers

Again, hitting the free advertising, stickers are cheap and can be applied anywhere. If you have an appealing brand, you can hand out stickers for free and once again reap the benefits of others advertising for you. Stickers are quick to design, and can be made for any event.

Advertising is best done through visual mediums. Any one of these promotional items will help your improve your business.