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Embroidery Graphic Design

The elegant look of custom embroidery will make a strong statement about the values that your business or group represents. Whether you’re in the market for company shirts for your business or athletic jackets for your school football team, nothing conveys an image of quality and success like custom embroidery.

At Coby Graphics, we’ve mastered the art of custom embroidery and can provide you with a supply of embroidered shirts, athletic jackets, or other types of apparel that will reflect the pride that your business or team stands for. As a family-owned business with a commitment to customer satisfaction, we share your work ethic and high ideals.

We strive to be the best at what we do, which keeps us focused on process improvement and providing customers with exceptional value. Over the past 18 years, we’ve been continually refining our production techniques and raising the bar of excellence in the level of service we provide. When you order your company shirts or other custom embroidery work from Coby Graphics, you can expect brand-name quality and an array of other advantages:

  • Over 40,000 stock designs from which to choose
  • Quick turnaround time on most orders
  • No minimum order quantity on custom embroidery
  • All work guaranteed to your satisfaction

We invite you to e-mail or call us today to discuss your custom shirt embroidery needs and how we can work with you to produce company shirts or uniforms that you’ll be proud to wear. We’ve been in business since 1994, and we have built our reputation on delivering quality products that consistently exceed customer expectations. Our in-house staff of graphic designers uses the latest methods in computer-controlled embroidery to ensure a high level of precision. You’ll also be glad to know that all design and production work is done right here in our state-of-the art factory in Manalapan, NJ. Our years of experience and quality control practices will ensure that you receive the best possible outcome on every order of company shirts, team uniforms, or other custom embroidery products.

Call o e-mail us for a free estimate on embroidered shirts or other apparel. At Coby Graphics, we’ve been serving the needs of local businesses, schools, and organizations for almost two decades, and we would be delighted to work with your group to create customized embroidery that will enhance your image.

Embroidery is one of the most preferred methods for branding apparel. It involves the use of high-tech computerized machines to stitch your design onto the fabric or create patches that can later be sewn onto other garments. Unlike other techniques used to brand apparel, embroidery creates a sleek and consistent finish that looks stylish and professional.

Whether you need your logo embroidered onto garments to be used for your business or corporate event, or you need personalized embroidered gifts for your team, family and friends, we’ve got you covered. Our mission at Coby Graphics is to provide quality embroidery services at a competitive price to ensure you are happy with every aspect of your purchase.

The Embroidery Procedure

Step 1 – Select an Apparel

Tightly woven fabrics that are even-weave provide an ideal surface for embroidery. The fiber content for even-weave fabric can either be linen, cotton, rayon or polyester blends. Embroidery can be done on several types of apparel such as shirts, caps, polos, jackets, backpacks, laptop bags and many more. The quality of an embroidered product usually reflects the type of garment selected.

Step 2 – Choose a Design

One of the most crucial stages of the embroidery process is to choose your design. Embroidery designs may vary in terms of size, color, and sewing complexity. While some designs can be resized during the actual sewing, others need to be handled as prescribed. The size of the design should fit the intended outcome: neither too small nor too large. When choosing colors, make sure it will complement or contrast your garment in a good way.

Step 3 – Make Your Order

Once you have already selected your preferred apparel and design, we take care of the embroidery process. Before we get to work, it is important to give specific details on the number of apparels to be embroidered, and where it should be located. After making your order, we begin the embroidery process right away so that you can get your branded apparel as soon as possible.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Embroidery Design

  • Stitch Count

The number of stitches it takes to embroider your design or logo on a garment is referred to as ‘stitch count’. The two aspects that affect the stitch count are the size and detail of the logo. A logo that is large and more detailed will have a higher stitch count than a logo that is small and less detailed. Our dedicated customer care team can help you work out the cost of your larger design.

  • Simplification of the Design

The selected design or logo usually undergoes a digitizing process before it can be embroidered. In this process, your artwork is changed into a digital file that can be read easily with our embroidery machine. The digital file dictates the exact number of stitches that are required to rebuild your logo. Some of the first items to be simplified in embroidery include digital effects such as gradients and super fine details or halftones. The simplification process is necessary since the thread cannot replicate such effects. However, other logos do not require simplification.

  • The Longevity of the Embroidered Design

The quality of threads used determines the endurance of your embroidered items. Coby Graphics uses quality threads that are almost twice the strength of rayon. This ensures your embroidery lasts the lifetime of the garment and can withstand industrial washing methods with little to no color fading.

Advantages of Custom Embroidery

Both small businesses and corporate companies prefer embroidery as it looks more professional on suit coats, aprons, and casual wear. It can also be used on caps, polos, jackets, backpacks, laptop bags and other items. The beauty of embroidered items is that they do not wear off like screen-printed apparel. They can be laundered using industrial washing methods without wearing off. It is one of the best ways to boost brand visibility, as it does not matter whether your employees are at a trade show, retail store, or in an office building.

It is a ‘walking advertisement’ since people can easily identify the company you are working for by looking at the embroidered logo on your apparel. It creates a consistent and professional work uniform, which also boosts employees’ morale. Offering high-quality items such as cardigans, jackets, sweaters, and work polos to your employees can encourage them to be competitive, work harder and be committed to the success of your brand.

Why Choose Coby Graphics For Your Embroidery?

Coby Graphics has a team of skilled professionals with wide knowledge in all areas of embroidery. Having been in business since 1994, we have built our reputation in delivering outstanding services and quality craftsmanship to ensure customer satisfaction. It is our sheer joy to get those creative thoughts going and make this an enjoyable experience for you. Feel free to reach out to us to inquire about our embroidery services and learn more about the way we can help brand your apparel.

Coby Graphics is committed to excellence and complete customer satisfaction with all our services, but embroidery is our specialty. We may be located in Manalapan, New Jersey, but with our excellent order handling, our customers can rest easy that their garments and goods will be embroidered correctly and shipped on time to anywhere in the country. We pride ourselves on our knowledge in all areas of embroidery, from hats, to bags, to blankets, and shirts. If it can be embroidered, chances are we have done it before, and can do it again with the utmost care and quality. We will work with you to guarantee your satisfaction, and the satisfaction of your customer. Contact us today!

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