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Reasons Why Good Signage is Important

storefrontSignage is probably one of the most important ways of advertising your business, and if you are a small business, or just starting out, when it comes down to value for money, you need to know the best ways to spend your advertising budget. It is common fact that people buy more from a trusted or known brand, because they feel more comfortable to do so. Good signage is one of the best tools for a business, because it plants your business name into the minds of potential customers.

Signs have a specific function

Signage, as part of your business, both on and off premise has the specific function of marketing. As a business owner, it is important that your branding is recognizable and memorable, so people think of your business when they require a service that you provide. It is very common for businesses that don’t have a marketing team, or don’t have a budget for large marketing items, to have mismatching branding, or no branding at all. Unfortunately when it comes to being memorable, and recognizable, their name ends up either at the bottom of the list, or not even on it.

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy should have the specific purpose of converting potential customers into paying customers. Marketing is telling people what you do, in a way that they can understand and relate to. It doesn’t need to be fancy and over thought; it just needs to get the point across. Signage is probably one of the better ways to stand out from your competitors, and it really is a good value for money option when it comes to advertising.

Branding – Easy Reading

On your signage, branding should be clear and concise, and have the least amount of wording that is possible to still get the information across to potential customers. When you are driving, you don’t have a lot of time to process much information

Imagine you are driving past a sign that says “Bill’s Mechanic Shop – We fix cars”. The wording is simple, and you know exactly what the business does by the 6 words on the signage.

Now, imagine you drive past a sign (for that same business) that says “Bill’s Mechanic Shop – If you need mechanical service, brake repairs, engine services, tune ups, or tires changed, we can do that for you”. Sure you get a much more informed idea about what the business does (if you are walking, and able to stop and read) however if you are driving – you get through about this much of the sentence before you pass the shop “Bill’s Mechanic Shop – If you need…” and that’s about all there is time for.

Signage On and Off premises

Signage can be used at your business to explain what you do, as we covered above, but there are other avenues that signage can really push your business, and some of those are:

Billboards: Perfect to get attention from passing motorists.

Sporting Field Advertising:  An excellent way to promote your business, as well as supporting your community.

Signage on Vehicles: Mobile advertising wherever you go.